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Bag Filtration Systems
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2. Filter Bags

State-of-the-art media...advance construction...quality control...customer service...application short, the entire Eaton organization reams up to bring you the most advanced bag filtration solutions available. Eaton has appliactions specialists available around the world to help first-hand with difficult, demanding applications. On-site trials demonstrate the best filter bag for any new application. Expert system software makes system sizing and optimization simple and effective. In short, commitment to our customers packs value-added quality into every product we sell.

PROGAF™ Filter Bags


A revolution in filter bags. PROGAF™ combines a high-efficiency media with a high capacity pre-filter for effective particulate removal down to the submicron level.


ACCUGAF™ Filter Bags


Highly efficient filter bags that have an extremely high particle retention efficiency. Applications that require this high filtration efficiency can now take advantage of bag filtration with Eaton’s ACCUGAF™.


LOFCLEAR™ Filter Bags


Highly efficient filter bags with a special multi-layer construction that results in a better than nominal efficiency in demanding application.


DURAGAF™ Filter Bags


Features increased media thickness with finer fibers for high pore volume. Reduced time between bag changings improves operating efficiencies and reduces operating costs. Discover how DURAGAFTM can work better in your application.


CLEARGAF™ Filter Bags


For food, beverage, and pharmaceutical applications, most Eaton filter bags can be manufactured, packaged, and stored to meet EEC and FDA rewuirements.




Tie-on filter bags for filtration without a vessel.




All-welded construction bags for higher filtration efficiency. Patented ring seal for worry-free sealing assurance.




Sewn construction filter bag for less demanding applications.




Eaton's revolutionary new filter element.

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